"Far more musical than other amps"

Ali Mirzaee

May 2023

As for the U500DC - I was just amazed at how much of a difference it made to my system; the additional power really shines through and is far more musical than other amps I have previously owned.

"The magic of its layered and dynamic sound stage is exact and precise and keeps everything in control, prioritising the handling of huge swings with tonal ease."


March 2023

“(U500DC) In regards to the sound. It's beautifully articulate, neutral and with no straggling or annoying traits that would distract you or take you away from the music and its intended expression. From Dance to Hendrix, the purity of its performance gives it the ability to bring drama and life to the sound.”

"Dynamic, perfectly controlled bass."

Sukret Komurcu

Turkey, Aug 2020

"Before I used many amplifiers…Because my ATC's are difficult to drive (power hungry!). Now I drive them with an MC2 S1400 and I am discovering what the ATC 20 SL PRO speaker is really about! Dynamic, perfectly controlled bass, transparent and detailed. The MC2 S1400 with ATC Speaker is perfect matching. You can listen all day long with no fatiguing. Now the (…) amplifier is up for sale!”

"A massive difference to the quality of my output."

Mick Lown

UK, July 2022

“When I first installed the U500DC II was absolutely blown away by the detail that became apparent in my mixes. I run 2 PMC TB2s passively crossed over through a PMC XB1-P. PMCs are notoriously power hungry and my old Quad 909 struggled. Just didn’t have the real power to drive them without issues. I eventually put in an active crossover and powered the tops and the bass unit separately. Not ideal but at least it worked. When I went back to the recommended way of powering this rig with your amplifier the difference was night and day. Effortless reproduction of every part of the programme. I was knocked out! This unit REALLY shifts some air and I am looking forward to it making a massive difference in the quality of my output.”

"You should hear it to believe it!"

Ferenc Koscso

Hungary, December 2012

“MC² Audio S1400 in a very serious company: Devialet D-Premier as wifi streamer, MSB Technology Platinum IV Signature DAC/preamp and Focal Grande Utopia Speakers - a mere 160k - 170k Euro system. This is a setup where the S1400 can show how good it really is. If you want something even more realistic and better, you can use two S1400s to bi-amp the Focal Grande Utopias. You should have to hear it to believe it."

"Not a day goes by without my admiring the capabilities of my


Charles Teofil Aryee

Switzerland, Feb 2020

Using the S-800 in my system is an enlightening experience and a very healthy reminder, that it is always worth to consider each and every option available, however unusual they may seem at first. Using a quite industrial looking, beefy studio amplifier in a domestic setting is usually not the first choice, if at all. I consider myself lucky, because I had been able to experience the renowned MC-1250 amplifier 10 years ago in a very expensive audio chain and went away dumbfounded.  This notion of "pro audio goodness" has stayed with me ever since and the moment I acquired my new ATC speakers, also a product with pro audio roots, I knew that I wanted to try an MC2 amplifier with them.


In and of itself the S-800 could actually be considered unremarkable, because it just gets on with the job under any circumstances, without drawing any attention to itself. It is perfectly transparent, tonally right and utterly effortless with endless reserves, just what an amplifier should be. But it is only after experiencing this level of performance that one realises that most amplifiers, even some very expensive ones, in one way or another simply fall short. This is exactly what makes this seemingly unremarkable amplifier remarkable. And so becomes the initially unorthodox solution to the problem the one that makes the most sense, namely, why wouldn’t a reference level studio amplifier actually be the optimal choice also in a home setting? An incredibly impressive combination of power and finesse, truly high-end performance for a relatively negligible price. Anyone looking for a high-end amplifier with ample power owes it to themselves to try the S series from MC2 Audio.  Not a day goes by without my admiring the capabilities of my S-800.

"What really stood out was the stereo imaging."

Robert Pigeaud

The Netherlands, Feb 2022

“I did a comparison between the S800 (my reference amp in my demo room) and the new U500DC. Loudspeakers used were the Danley SM100 and SM60F. No processing used. Nice, clean and tight sound. Just like I am used to with the S Series. I then switched to the new amp… Both Rick (my colleague) and I were stunned by the even better sounding U500DC. More detail in LF, hearing more detail generally in the song, and what really stood out was the stereo imaging, it was much better. This is best to describe as Full HD to 4k! My opinion is that the S Series are already very good sounding amps. I have compared these to many competitors over the years and they always came out on top, BUT: the new (U500DC) is from a different planet! Congratulations to you.”

"The difference is crazy."

Mark Housden

UK, November 2019

“The difference is crazy; it sounds like I have been listening to a broken amp for the last 6 months!!??. The S800 is so clean sounding. I left all the EQ’s the same, did not feel it needed to be changed which was not what I was expecting. It’s so interesting listening to the difference in sound presentation. The bass is not so present, as in full… but I would say that is because the S800 has far greater grip and control over the drivers, so different bass frequencies are much cleaner and tightly controlled. The different low frequencies are presented as individual tones / notes rather than a bit of a mush. I did get to turn it up a bit when the neighbours went out, and errrm… Liked That!! I have not heard those speakers so well controlled at that sort of volume before, which was really lovely to hear.”

"Fantastic bass and clean hi frequencies that really characterise the MC2 sound."

Ramon Salazar

Mexico July 2022

The S-Series amplifiers are a really solid sound with fantastic bass and clean high frequencies that really characterise the MC2 sound!

"The S-Series are

hi-end killers."

Thim Yan Fook

Singapore, July 2022

"Once we tried the S-Series we knew that there was nothing else that we wanted to use for ultra hi-end applications. The dynamics and control are second to none, and the stereo imaging... well that's something else! The S-Series are hi-end killers, especially at this price!"

"A super alternative to heavy and expensive high–end."

Krzysztof Łangowski

Poland, May 2022

"MC2 = Beauty and the beast! The S800 amplifier is a super alternative to heavy and expensive high – end amps. I have listened to many of them and the S800 crushes them with it’s bass dynamics control and volume and overall naturalness. I don’t see a competitor considering the price/quality ratio."


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